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Brick house

Home Owners Insurance

For most people, their home, or dwelling, is their most valuable asset. Homeowners insurance protects you financially if an unforeseen affair occurs like fire, theft, vandalism, or some other event that is covered by your policy.

Also, if someone is injured while at your residence and decides to take you to court, many policies cover this. There are a variety of coverage options:

  • Dwelling Protection (i.e. the structure of the actual home)

  • Other Structures (i.e. Buildings separate from the house like sheds, or detached garages)

  • Personal Property (i.e. Personal items such as furniture, appliances, and clothing. However not all issues cover personal property so please check when purchasing your policy. )

  • Loss of Use (i.e. If your home is destroyed and uninhabitable, the cost of additional living expenses is covered.)

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